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Vacuum Compressed Bag Vacuum Storage Bag


These are vacuum bags. This vacuum storage bag is made of food grade
quality material. With double seal strip and snap joint design, the vacuum bag is easy to seal. The bag has many size optional. Each size bag can hold different things. Using this vacuum storage bag after winter and spring, can help you save

Specification :
Material : PA+PE
Size :
100cm x 130cm / 39.37'' x 51.18''
80cm x 110cm / 31.50'' x 43.31''
70cm x 100cm / 27.56'' x 39.37''
60cm x 80cm / 23.62'' x 31.50''
50cm x 70cm / 19.69'' x 27.56''
35cm x 50cm / 13.78'' x 16.69'' (No air puming valve)
Fits : Quilts, Clothes, Plush Toys.