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Stainless Steel Manual Noodle Press Machine

Two Functions
Three Functions
Four Functions
Five Functions

This machine is made of quality stainless steel. It is very convenient and hygienic to make delicious noodles. And it easy to use,save your time. And it can be also used to extract juice. After usage, you can unscrew the machine and wash it by water.

Using procedure:
1. Knead dough with water to make it soft enough,if necessary add some edible oil. 2. Unscrew the cover and put in the dough, vegetable or have cut fruits into the tube, then screw the handle and noodle or juice will come out.
3. Put the bottom of machine close to water, noodles will come out easily.
4. After usage, disassemble it and soak in the water, easy to clean. Love thehealthy life,love the kitchen tools brand. It provides extensive kitchen tools with competitive price to make cooking, preparation, preservation, baking and freezing easier.

With the collection of Dianoo, you will find cooking full of pleasures. We always pursuit not only making a product, but also an artwork that can make your kitchen full of taste. We always focus on the design and the quality.