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Electric Woodworking Carving Chisel

Whether your skill is in crafting bespoke furniture, creating and installing
crown molding and baseboards, or whittling stunning sculptures, this
Woodworking Carving Chisel set will provide you with indispensable
tools for woodworking projects in which precision is vital!

Product Features
Can be hand carved with 1/3 of the force, 3 to 5 times the speed of
engraving, without fatigue
High-speed vibration of 25000 times per minute is generated after the
knife head touches the wood, and it is carved with the ultra high-speed vibration
Shell is a solid, cooling efficiency is excellent, safe features

Product Information
Cutting Knife Length: 15.5 cm
Carving Blades Size: 4.5 cm
Package Includes: 1 x Woodworking Carving Chisel, 1 x Wrench, 5 x
Carving Blades
Please Note: Must equipped to flex shaft for carving chisel to work